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History – Plus Four Marketing was established in 1983. Our first lines were JBL Professional and Soundcraft, (mixing consoles). JBL Professional had recently acquired Soundcraft. By mid-1984 both lines were ours to go to market. There was a lot of work to be done to make the company successful. JBL Professional was the anchor of our business at the time and in many ways still is.

Within a year or so other manufacturers began to take notice. We had developed a strong customer base and both lines were growing at a new pace. IED, Innovative Electronic Design, a company based in Louisville, KY approached us about representing their product offerings. IED was known for two things at the time, Airport sound systems and Convention Center sound systems.  Plus Four Marketing was awarded IED in the spring of 1986. In many ways, through IED, this is where the company learned the world of contracting and integration, before integration was a commonly used phrase in our industry. The timeline for the development of a convention center or airport can be years. Understanding and managing all the elements required to deliver a project of this scope is not easy. Within a few months we had landed several large projects. Moscone Convention Center, Santa Clara Convention Center, San Francisco Airport are all good examples. We were able to leverage our other brands into those projects as well.

Other brands we have represented over the years. Of course, lines come and go for all manufacturers representatives. Change occur via acquisition, management change, go to market strategies, etc. These are lines we no longer represent but are proud of the time that we did.

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