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Jim was the founder and principal of Plus Four Marketing. Prior to Plus Four, Jim began his career at Leo’s Music / Pro Audio in Oakland, Sound Genesis in San Francisco, and Just Noticeable Difference (JND) in Marin. He built his career from the ground up, learning from the best and brightest in the industry. He then decided to start his own rep firm, and you can read more in the "about us" section of this website.

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Allison Mathews – Owner / Accounting 
510.459.7463 Mobile

Allison has been running the financial side of the company almost since its inception. Her responsibilities include payroll, healthcare, accounts payable and receivable, taxes and insurance. In addition, she coordinates convention travel and special events where Plus Four is the host. Allison is very detail oriented in terms of every facet of her

Todd Johnson - PACNW Seattle Office
206.601.7000 Mobile

Todd has a long history in Plus Four's business. He has worked several capacities of integration including Magnolia, (Best Buy high end integration), CompView (now DSI) and Commercial Sound in the Seattle Metro area. In each instance Todd was in a leadership role, managing people and projects. Todd has a clear understand of the marketplace in terms of roles. Including the consultant, the integrator, the bid process, the design build process and how he fits in as a manufacturers’ representative. Although Todd has only been with the company for 8+ years, and brings great knowledge and confidence to his business partners. 

Keith Erickson – Production AVL Specialist
 510.459.7461 Mobile 

Keith comes to Plus Four with a deep knowledge of the production business. Still a working audio engineer, Keith has also accepted the challenge of the lighting and video side of our business as well. He provides a resource for the entire company when it comes to live production. This includes Tour, House of Worship and Performing Arts Centers. Really anywhere where live production takes place. Keith is an excellent audio system technician and front of house engineer. Keith has been with the company for 19 years. 

Sean has been with Plus Four for 15 years. Sean manages the company’s outgoing communications, and provides both pre and post-sale support for dealers and end-users. He is a trusted resource that is always available. Helping with design, tracking down a shipment, helping an end-user connect to a system are all part of Sean’s expertise.

 Jennifer Horn – Solution Coordinator

Jennifer Horn is the best of the best when it comes to making things happen. She is relentless in representing both our manufacturers and our customers providing a win / win result. Jennifer is very organized and is always on top of every situation. She has a track record of following through until all parties are satisfied.  Prior to Plus Four, Jennifer oversaw the re-directing of lost shipments for DHL Air Freight. Jen has been with Plus Four since 2010. She has provided the company a new sense of organizational skills requiring everyone to pick-up their game. Jennifer’s husband Jeremy is an audio engineer. She’s 24-7 AV. 

Norcal-NorNV Staff
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